Marcus Lafayette has been the driving force behind the relaunch of K-Swiss Performance Apparel, the rebirth of Minor Brothers Boot & Shoe Manufacturers, and the inception of Lodger Footwear.


In 2014, Marcus Lafayette was given the responsibility to relaunch the K-Swiss performance apparel collection on a global basis.  With our first collection in Spring/Summer 2015, we turned the business from 5 straight years of losses into a profit.  We are now completing our 6th collection for K-Swiss in 3 years.

Minor Brothers

In 2015, Marcus Lafayette was brought in to create a strategy for the relaunch of the PW Minor footwear brand.  A comprehensive plan was developed which included separating out multiple brands under the original umbrella of the Minor Brothers factory, a 150 year old New York shoemaker.



In 2007, Lodger Footwear was founded by Nathan Marcus Brown, Director of Marcus Lafayette.  With a vision of bringing modern technology and design innovation to the classic footwear industry, Lodger  was twice nominated as Best Emerging British Luxury Brand by Walpole.