The Story of Marcus Lafayette

Marcus Lafayette is both a family name and a family yarn.  How much of it is strictly true has been lost over the years, but that shouldn’t get in the way of a good telling.

Great, great, great grandpa Brown (just how many “greats” is one of the missing details) was a member of the infantry in the Continental Army in 1776.  During his time in uniform, he was greatly impressed by a French general on George Washington’s staff.  Wanting to honor him, he named his first born son Marcus Lafayette Brown.  My distant grandfather had no idea that a Marquis was a title, and that the general’s name wasn’t Marcus.

The name stuck, and down through the years the name became a family tradition.  My great grandfather was Marcus Lafayette Brown, as was his father and grandfather.  My grandfather was Marcus Brown, and my father is Larry Marcus.  My son is Spencer Marcus.

Our family history might not be auspicious, but it’s longstanding and earnest.  I’ve been brought up to honor the values of the women and men that have come before me.  And I hope to pass on this tradition of honesty and loyalty to my daughter and my son.  The name Marcus Lafayette is a small attempt to recognize this legacy.

Nathan Marcus Brown