Rational House Developments is a project that is close to my heart, as the prototype has also become our family home in London.  As Robert recounts more elegantly in his own words below, we started out as neighbours and then became friends.  He was building his new business at the same time I was building Lodger, and before long we were meeting regularly to compare notes on our respective projects.

After I sold Lodger, I became more actively involved with Rational House, both in terms of detailed work on the prototype as well as working with Robert and his colleagues on structuring a company to commercialise the Rational House concept.  We are now working on the next phase of growth for Rational House, in London, across the UK, and around the world.

For over 40 years, I have been a practicing UK architect, working on international projects, many of which were high-profile airport buildings.  In 2008, I set up a new company called Rational House to research and build a new form of urban housing.

Nathan Brown became my friend and colleague in the course of this journey, first because he took an interest in the research work, and then, as we developed the prototype, because he asked if he could acquire the first house prototype.  As a result of this, he worked closely with my colleagues and I on the detailed design and internal planning of his home.  Nathan and his family have now owned and occupied the pilot house since Christmas 2011. 

Not only has Nathan made a very positive contribution to our project work to date, but more recently he has also joined us in a new development organisation which we have established to finance and build new urban dwellings (called Rational House Developments).  To this organisation Nathan brings not only his enthusiasm, common sense and his logical approach, but also an invaluable knowledge and experience of innovative business concepts and practices.  We are delighted that he has agreed to become a part of our initiative.  – Robert Dalziel RIBA